Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to Interpreter Calendars. We are proud to launch the first web-based recruitment platform specifically built for conference interpreters and organizers.

Sincere regards,

Interpreter Calendars


It is a website that facilitates the communication of availabilities between interpreters and organizers. It is run as a non-profit association under Swiss law (see Statues).

After its first year IC has proven itself to be the best offer on the market. In terms of value for money with 300 days of work distributed at CHF 9/month our numbers are hard to beat.

However, IC has never been only about money. By joining you will be engaging with a community of well-established colleagues who collectively control the site and its policies. It is our information and our market it is only normal we have a say!

Joining IC is not automatic. Every registration is looked at by the elected Committee (see Statues).

Since there are so many schools and courses of varying standing it is impossible to use studies alone as a criterion. Similarly not every booth has an institutional exam or they have not had it for long.

Therefore IC has the following entry criteria :

  • AIIC members can join
  • non-AIIC colleagues can also join provided they send a scanned copy of a remunerated contract whose provisions respect AIIC terms and conditions (equal or higher).

Note: The requirement to send a scanned contract may be lifted if the Committee already knows the colleague applying.

IC has several levels of confidentiality. Only recruiters can see your availability and even that in a limited way which you control. Interpreters can also carry out searches but this feature is far more limited than the recruiter search. In fact, when you sign up the default setting for all interpreter accounts is “not interpreter searchable.” That means that you do not appear in colleague searches (including your own!), you can change this by going to Settings.

IC only generates lists. No platform can replace the legwork of knocking on doors and showing your face. Having done that there are several things you can do to improve your chances of being hired.

  1. Keep your agenda up-to-date. Interpreters with the most recently updated calendar appear on top of the list (much better than unfair alphabetical systems). The site also tells the recruiter the last time you updated your calendar and if you have not done so for several months they will logically assume your information is inaccurate.
  2. Put a link to IC in your e-mail signature so recruiters know they can find you there.
  3. Have a look at our list of organizers. If you already work for some of them let them know they can find your availability on IC. Those you do not work for, yet, represent an opportunity to acquire new clients.

When you receive an offer you should not only respond by clicking on "Yes" but also in writing using the site’s messaging function. The "Yes" box updates your calendar but the message acts as a written record of your formal acceptance.

These are transparently listed under the "Organizer List" tab members can access at any time. You need to click on each letter to see the recruiters under that letter. We only work with organizers that have an AIIC agreement or an unblemished reputation on the private market. No undercutting agencies can use Interpreter Calendars. Our policy is when in doubt, leave them out.

As a non-profit association all major decisions, especially pricing, are subject to the approval of active members. At the EGA on May 23, 2019 we adopted by acclamation the following two payment options:

Bank transfer (recommended)

You are encouraged to pay less for the whole year via bank transfer up to December 31. We commit to reimbursing any unused months if you decide to leave early (bank details in another FAQ). Your monthly rate here is of only CHF 12.


The monthly rate here is of CHF 14.

These changes enter into force on July 1st, 2019 and apply only to new members joining after that date and to dormant account wishing to be reactivated.

Members can pay by bank transfer directly into the association's account for the year up to December 31st.

This really makes our job much easier not to mention that we'll be saving quite a bit by avoiding hefty PayPal fees.

Interpreter Calendars
N° de compte: 14-260547-5
IBAN: CH16 0900 0000 1426 0547 5

This does not mean you commit to staying until the end of the year – if you wish to leave the association, just let the Treasurer know and the outstanding amount will be reimbursed.

Having said all that Paypal payment remains an option.

The constitutive assembly elected Alia Rahal (AIIC) Secretary, Kiersten Weeks (AIIC) Treasurer and Gabriel Cordova (AIIC) Web Coordinator for a period of two years.

If you want to change your user email address, please send us an email at support@interpretercalendars.com with your old and new email address. We will be happy to address your concerns as soon as possible.
Sometimes IC’s offers may land in your spam box. Our SMS alerts act as a fail-safe in such cases.To prevent this from happening again kindly follow the instructions below. All e-mail services have similar steps.
  1. Click on the downward pointing triangle next to the white magnifying glass on a blue background at the top of gmail (where the gmail search box is).
  2. In the "From" box type no-reply@interpretercalendars.com
  3. In the bottom right hand corner of the box click the option "Create filter with this search"
  4. When the option box pops up tick "Never send it to spam".
Just drop us a line at info@interpretercalendars.com or use the site’s bug report icon if it is something more technical. We will be happy to address your concerns as soon as possible.